Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Start

So time to start working. First things First though a sketch book for Applied Illustration Practice. I got this book at a local charity shop and am going to use it instead of a normal sketch book. The main reason being that it is cheaper really as this only cost 99 pence.

The brief for the Applied Illustration is to create two illustrations that would be used at the start of two chapters in the book The sliver Donkey by Sonya Hartnett. The two chapters are The Fog When and The Soldier in the Trees. I started by writing these up and highlighted words that I thought would be important or useful.

Next I started to look at the imagery used in the story that I could uses. Trying different images and techniques. The illustrations had to black and white as part of the brief.
Using different types of paper (brown bag, squared, plain and the inside of an envelop) I covered most of the text in the book.
I created this illustration of mushrooms using a traditional dip ink pen.
I then added more ink to add definition, and then added a water wash.

I used LetraSet ProMarkers with the LetraJet Air and ink and water to cover most of the text of the book. I then used this as a background for this illustration of a Silver Donkey. To create this donkey I used the inside of a envelope as a back shade of grey. I then used small pieces of plain white paper to add highlights. To create the darker tones I used the LetraJet Air and a grey ProMarker. to add the final definition I used a grey Stabilo Point 88 pen.

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