Monday, 14 November 2011

Story and Character

This is the story that I have written about Lady Wulfruna for my zine dps. It's fiction very loosely based on the tale of Lady Wulfruna.

It was a dark time in 985, Harold Bluetooth and his cronies were at it again. What were the people of Mercia going to do? Well there was one person out there that maybe, just maybe could help them… and her name (yes HER name) was Lady Wulfruna.
Bluetooth’s gang, the Vikings, attacked hard, pillaging innocent villages. It didn’t take long to find them. Just follow the trail of mess, destruction and fire, and everything that went along with it, mainly the screaming and crying. It pushed her forwards.
It wasn’t long before she caught them up, but she had to do this right. She had to use her three strongest powers against them, lady-ness, beauty and most of all wealth. Three things that they didn’t have.
It was a hard fight; there was many of them and just one of her. But they couldn’t over come it her power was too much. They knew it was over and had to retreat, Bluetooth himself was the hardest to win over but once his protective shield was broken he was just as easy as the rest. It was over.
As she walked back through the villages the crying stopped, the fires stopped, it all came back together. Her power of wealth was working extra hard. Nobody noticed her as she walked through but she didn’t mind, her job was done.
As a reward the king gave her a grant of land but she couldn’t accept such a gift so in turn she gave it to a local church. This land would one day become the centre of Wolverhampton.
I have am planning on testing photographs that I took of the Lady Wulfruna statue but also have created an illustration using Adobe Illustrator of a stylized Lady Wulfruna. I have then altered the colour simply in Adobe PhotoShop. The top image is the original, the second image has a filter and the third is using the sepia effect.

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