Sunday, 11 March 2012

Children's Picture Book Illustration

The current brief for illustration is children's picture books. We have do complete a single and double page spread for the Book Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell.
One of the first thing that I wanted to do was to see how a child would draw a rabbit. So I went to the school where my mum works and asked the Reception class to draw me a rabbit (In return I had to draw a golden coach to help the learn about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and then got roped into sticking pasta on it and helping paint it!). This is a small selection of there drawings.

I then started to create my own rabbit character.

I decided then that I wanted to try and create a 3D rabbit.

The bottom rabbit is the one that I chose to use.
I then made a "set" for each of the pages that I had to illustrate.
These are the final images that I will use once I have added the text.

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